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SOT Telemedicine Kit


The Telemedicine Kit is designed to help provide medical management solutions in environments where there may be limited access to direct medical oversight.

The Telemedicine Kit includes diagnostic tools that untrained medical providers can easily use to provide real time patient data to their medical oversight in order to continuously provide the best care in the worst places.

THE TELEMED KIT is available under a 5-YEAR Natick IDIQ.

CONTRACT # : W911QY-15-D-0007




Each Module has been selected by end users in order to cover a wide array of operational health threats.  Comprised of a broad array of treatment modules from basic wound care to allergies & cold care.

Providing the ability to treat everything; from cholera related diarrhea to a fever caused by malaria.


List of Modules

Advanced Wound Care

Basic Wound Care

Injections Kid

Injectable Meds

Allergy/Cold Emergency

Antibiotics/Derm Meds

Eye Meds

Gastrointestinal Meds

Dental Kit

Diagnostic Kit

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